See Something. Say Something


This slogan is used by the Department of Homeland Security in its campaign to identify threats to national security.

But the concept is more than just a catchy slogan. The idea of being vigilant when our collective wellbeing may be in jeopardy has implications for small communities like Glen Echo Park as well. We have a shared obligation, as citizens, to keep our communities safe. But, too often, people choose not to get involved.
• They may feel that their observations are not important.
• They may find it hard to speak up because they fear retaliation from neighbors. In fact, they may have seen or experienced attacks on social media sites like Nextdoor or Facebook. Sometimes threats may have been more direct.
• They may think nobody cares.
• They may think that it is none of their business.
• They may think that nobody can or will do anything about it.

Public safety is everybody’s business

Ours is a small community. We need to watch out for ourselves and for one another. We must all be responsible.
• Lock your doors.
• Keep bushes trimmed.
• Remove valuables from your car.
• Install motion sensor lights.
• Consider installing security cameras if you have not already done so.
• Notify your neighbors as well as the police if you will be gone for an extended period.
• See something. Say something.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

To report suspicious activity, call the Normandy Police Department Dispatch number at 314-427-8000.
Describe specifically what you observed, including:
• Who you saw or what you saw.
• When you saw it.
• Where it occurred; and
• Why it is suspicious.

If there is an emergency, call 911