Resident’s Guide


Here are some of the rules and ordinances of the Village of Glen Echo Park. A downloadable guide will soon be available.

  • Changes in occupancy of property in the Village require an inspection to be conducted via St. Louis County. Property must pass inspection BEFORE occupancy can be granted by the Village or BEFORE the sale of the property.
  • New residents require an occupancy permit BEFORE moving in.
  • Owners/rental agency must apply for the inspection BEFORE new rental occupancy.
  • Please allow several days to two weeks for the entire inspection and re-inspection process to be completed.

Follow the instructions carefully, St Louis County will NOT deliver you an occupancy permit. Only the Village can issue a valid permit with the embossed village seal.

First, schedule an inspection and pay the inspection fee with St Louis County (the Village is a contracted Municipality) – Inspection Application. Here is a check list to help getting ready for the inspection.

Once the inspection is passed, contact the Village Clerk via email to set up an appointment to obtain your Occupancy Permit. Please allow 48 hour response time. At your appointment, bring the following documents:

  1. Copy of a passed inspection report provided the St Louis County Public Works Dept.
  2. The Village Occupancy Permit Application with supporting documents
  3. A $50 application fee (check made payable to The Village of Glen Echo Park or cash accepted)

Upon receipt of all documents and fee, an occupancy permit will be provided to you allowing you to move in your new residence. Failing to provide all documents may result in significant processing delays.

(1) Street parking is restricted to the North side of Saint Andrews Place and to any other area designated by the Board of Trustees for special permit parking .

(2) Parking or storage of any vehicle on unimproved surfaces is prohibited. This means that parking on grass is not allowed.

(3) Handicapped Parking — The Village shall provide upon request to any resident a special designated handicapped parking space and sign adjacent to his/her residence unless such parking shall seriously impede the flow of traffic.

(4) Parking within 15 feet of fire hydrants is prohibited.

(5) Parking in a way that blocks any private driveway or walkway is prohibited.

(6) Parking of commercial vehicles is prohibited except for:

a.  Necessary loading and unloading

b.  Performing a service activity on the adjacent lot or parcel of land

c.  Construction of buildings or structures on the adjacent lot or parcel of land

d.  Construction or maintenance of a street or utility

(7) Recreational vehicles, boats and all non-commercial trailers less than 15 feet in length may be parked only under the following conditions, otherwise, they are prohibited:

a. The recreational vehicles or boats may not be occupied for living purposes

b. The recreational vehicles and boats must be parked in a rear or side yard no closer than five (5) feet to any property line and screened from view by a buffer not to exceed seven (7) feet in height; or parked within an enclosed garage or carport

c. All non-commercial trailers must be parked in a rear or side yard no closer than five (5) feet to any property line and screened from view by a buffer not to exceed seven (7) feet in height; or parked within an enclosed garage

d. Recreational vehicles and boats (including boat trailers) may be parked on improved surfaces in the front yard on a temporary basis, as follows:

i. For a period of up to two (2) days for purposes of loading, unloading, and cleaning

ii. For a period of up to seven (7) days when owned by visitors or house guests of the subject property

(8) No driveway or improved parking surface shall cover more than 67 percent of a residential front yard.

(9) Maintenance of improved surfaces – All improved parking surfaces shall be maintained in good and safe condition and be free of holes, cracks or other failures that may affect the use, safety, appearance, or drainage of the surface or of an adjoining property.

Fines for violations not to exceed $100

  • Owners and tenants of each property located within the Village are responsible for the costs for all trash and refuse collection services for their property.
  • Household trash and yard waste are picked up on Tuesdays, and allowable recyclables are picked up on Fridays.
  • Trash cans be placed at the curb no earlier than 24 hours prior to trash pickup, and all trash cans must be covered. Uncovered cans attract animals and trash is easily blown out, causing an unhealthy nuisance. Trash cans must remain at the curb no longer than 24 hours after pick-up.

The service is provided by Ward’s Refuse Hauling Inc. 3050 Valley Vista Dr N, Saint Peters, MO, 63376 | (636) 441-7076. Please contact them for billing and information.

  • The park is open to public from dawn to dusk every day.
  • The use of roller devices, such as skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, in-line skates and roller skits, scooters, and bicycles is prohibited for everyone’s safety and for the preservation of the Park new landscaping.
  • Thank you for keeping your dog on a leash and for picking up after them.
  • The Park will close under snow and ice conditions.
  • What is an unserviceable vehicle: Any vehicle which is required to be licensed and registered by the Sate of Missouri and is not licensed and registered and is in such condition that it cannot be started or moved under its own power without repair.
  • Derelict vehicle typically leak fluids such as anti-freeze, gasoline, and other automotive fluids onto the ground, contaminating the local area.
  • These vehicles also create an attractive nuisance to children by presenting an enticing, but dangerous plaything. Inoperative vehicle also detract from neighborhoods appearance and can invite an undesirable element into our community.
  • Therefore, they are considered to be a violation of Village codes and must be removed.

Due to the roads size and configuration, parking space is restricted and limited in the Village.

However we understand that sometimes residents have a need for temporary parking spaces, for their guests during a house party for instance.

Residents with valid occupancy permit can request special parking permits for short duration via the following form.